House One | A Maine Corporation

House One is the result of a personal quest to address the need for quality low cost housing in Maine now filled by the mobile home. Manufactured housing provides one quarter of the affordable housing in the United States and mobile homes provide the number one means of unsubsidized affordable housing in this country. One in 16 Americans lives in a mobile home. In Maine there are over 68,000 units. Of those, 35,000 were added to the Maine landscape in the decade preceding House one.

House One takes advantage of a factory produced product adapting its positive aspects of low cost, design flexibility, insulation and fenestration potential, economy of production and easy site delivery. Flexibility allows for site-specific orientation to take advantage of views and solar gain. Collaboration with Susan C. Ruch

“House One is a great start in trying to demonstrate what designers can do in taking the industry’s product and giving it a new direction. I need not tell you that trying to affect a change is an uphill battle, but you’ve made a great start. Any one visiting House One will have their stereotype of the mobile home dispelled.”

Allan Wallis, Director of Research, National Civic League and author of Wheel Estate, the Rise and Decline of Mobile Homes, June 1996



Carol A. Wilson Architect