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Kilmon Carter Residence | West Bath, Maine

Siting a house on the crenellated landscape of Mill Cove, Winnegance Bay, meant dodging drainage pathways. When the only remaining buildable area was bifurcated by one of these water pathways, the house became a bridge sitting on two concrete pylons. Every room has views of the ocean to the north and exposure to sunlight from the south.

The house was built by a brother and sister who grew up in Maine and have now returned. The house accommodates two separate suites on the first floor – bedroom, bathroom, and study – separated by a library hall.

The living/dining/kitchen take place in one large space. The second floor has bedrooms for children and grandchildren. Connected to the house on the east is a garage and workshop with a second floor barn-like loft for the grandchildren’s electric trains.

Carol A. Wilson Architect