Perusse Themens | Kennebunkport, Maine

Replacing an aging cottage on Goose Rocks Beach was not an easy task. New construction is strictly regulated and limited by the area of the site, the percentage of site coverage, the volume and height. Existing houses along the King’s Highway are often less than 15 feet apart, yet current setbacks from property sidelines are now 10 feet.

The client wanted to retain the feel of a beach house; a place designed for casual living, requiring low maintenance and easily accommodating their three children and friends visiting from Montreal.

Three mature Pitch Pines (Pinus rigida) were within 10 feet of the building footprint – two on the south side and one on the street side, right in the middle of the construction staging site. Because so few trees grow in the sandy soil and salt air, their preservation was critical to the Owner. Only one small limb was disturbed during construction.

With houses in such close proximity, privacy was a concern especially in contrast to the desire to open up to the out-of-doors and have easy access to the beach path. The house manages to do both.

Carol A. Wilson Architect