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Maine Audubon Education Center |
Gilsland Farm Sanctuary – Falmouth, Maine

Maine Audubon’s Environmental Education Center is considered one of the “greenest” buildings in Maine.
Its minimal negative impact on the environment promotes
Maine Audubon’s mission of environmental awareness and understanding. The building houses a public reception area,
a gallery, classrooms, offices, a teacher’s resource center, a wildlife observation and discovery room and the Maine Audubon Store. The project was a collaboration,
“Van Dam & Renner / Carol A. Wilson Architects”.

“The building not only gives us vital indoor program space, but also provides an exciting entrance to the sanctuary. It will not allow us to forget that our main purpose is to do with the outdoors. . .and provide a practical demonstration of sustainable architecture.”

Thomas Urquhart, Executive Director,
Maine Audubon Society



Carol A. Wilson Architect